Plaster and Construction


Mirka have developed products for many industries including construction, renovation, drywall, and interior finishing where industry professionals are now working more efficiently, easier and most importantly, dust free.
Mirka's tools and abrasives work together to remove dust and increase efficiency, saving time, money and your health.

Plaster Brochure

Download the guide to Mirka products suitable for construction and plastering.


Leros & Leros-s



Sanding large surfaces has never been so easy

The Leros and Leros-s sanders have revolutionised the way large surfaces are sanded, making the process easier, faster and more efficient.

Sanding interior walls and ceilings has become a breeze with a cleaner work area for drywall and interior plasterers all over Australia.

The Leros machines are brushless large surface sanders, weighing just over 3kg, they enable the user to work for longer periods without fatigue.

The random orbital movement gives precise responses to the operator’s movements. The special sanding head and backing pad design make it possible to work very close to corners and edges, enabling a perfect finish.


    Leros Wall & Ceiling Sander

    • Lightweight 3.5kg
    • 180° Flexible sanding head
    • 100% Comfort
    • 5mm Orbit Movement
    • Brushless

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    Leros-s Wall Sander

    • Lightweight 3.2kg
    • Flexible
    • 100% Comfort
    • 5mm Orbit Movement
    • Handle for optimum control
    • Brushless

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Abrasives & Accessories

Deros 150mm sander

The professional sander

Mirka DEROS can help you improve your business and your sanding projects. Thanks to its high efficiency patented brushless motor, the award-winning sander has plenty of power to get the job done fast and dust-free. It is ergonomic, easy to use, and the innovative design gives you many benefits as:

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Low vibration
  • Light weight
  • Dust free sanding
  • Brushless powerful motor
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Deos Delta Sander

The precise corner sander

Its compact design and very low profile at only 10cm high, ensures high maneuverability and excellent balance. Precise and efficient sanding at any angle makes Mirka DEOS Delta ideal for sanding of corners, profiles, vertical and hard-to-reach areas.

Mirka DEOS Delta is small and light, thanks to its brushless motor and advanced engineering. Combined with a comfortable and ergonomic grip, this means that you can sand for long periods without fatigue. With an easy to operate lever, you can adjust speed in an instant.

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Deos 81x133mm / 70x198mm

The easy edge sander

Mirka DEOS Electric Orbital Sanders have all the innovative features that have made DEROS so popular, and more.

There’s no other electric orbital sander that matches the power and finesse of the Mirka DEOS. Some of its innovative features include its high-efficiency brushless motor with plenty of sanding power, to get your job done quickly and safely.

Both the 81x133mm and 70x198mm DEOS Sanders are built for making sanding edges and perfectly built for doors, windows, hard-to-reach work surfaces, and tight spaces.

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Abranet Ace: Dust free excellence

Thanks to the optimzed net construction and ceramic grains, Abranet Ace offers superior cut and performance for hardwoods (such as beech and oak) and fast cutting on various solid surface materials as well as for cleaning of different industrial rollers. Abranet Ace also works excellent on primer sanding applications.

  • Healthier workplace

    Stop dust from getting into your lungs

  • Time saving

    No cleaning after sanding, clean abrasives cut better

  • Money saving

    Clogging resistance lets you sand longer with the same abrasive

  • High quality finish

    Thanks to a finer scratch pattern