Brushless Sanders

Why are Mirka sanders so powerful and efficient?

Thanks to their high efficiency patented brushless motors, Mirka electric sanders allow you to get on with the job, instead of worrying about maintenance or your tool breaking down all the time. Mirka's electric sanders also maintain constant speed and are lightweight, further maintaining your efficiency.

Mirka's range of electric orbital sanders allow you to take on any challenge whether it be corners, large surfaces, narrow surfaces, or everyday flat surfaces.

Mirka have designed their sanders with the user in mind. Not only are they ergonomic and compact, but they are super easy to use and so light, you can use it for longer periods without fatigue.

The Mirka Deros is Mirka's most popular sander. It is the lightest 150mm sander in the world and is so versatile, it is used by many in virtually any industry. It is so easy to use, you need only guide the sander to get high quality results.

Why choose a Mirka DEROS sander?

Mirka Deros

150mm deros

77mm Deros

Mirka Deros

The effortlessly efficient, easy to use sander

No other electric orbital sander offers this level of technology, advanced efficiency, and value for money.  The Deros allows you to finish your job in a hurry, with the best finish it's ever seen. Show us a random orbit sander that cuts your time in half and we’ll show you the Mirka DEROS that does it better, faster, and cleaner.

When it comes to dust, the Mirka DEROS is a random orbital sander you can trust to keep a clean workspace. DEROS connects to a dust extractor, a specific design that has been optimized for airflow to absorb as many sanding particles as it can. There’s no other system built like DEROS.

Mirka DEROS 77mm

Perfect Sanding of Tight Spots

Minimise the need for hand sanding. This new 77 mm sander with its user-friendly, compact design gets you to places your regular sander cannot reach.

The smallest and most ergonomic direct electric sander on the market has a brushless motor that maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. Vibration values are the lowest in its class and the symmetrical design ensures a comfortable grip, which means you can sand for long periods without fatigue. With an easy to operate lever, speed adjustment is done in an instant. The separate on/off switch ensures easy and safe handling.

Mirka DEROS has an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology so you can keep track of vibration levels, sanding speed and usage data via the myMirka app.

Deros 77mm - Effortlessly efficient

Mirka Deos

Deos 70x198mm

Deos 81x133mm

Mirka Deos

The Most Compact Electric Hand Sander

Mirka DEOS, the electric orbital sander, integrates all the innovative features that have made Mirka DEROS so popular, and more. Available in 3 compact sizes, you can be sure to sand all profiles, corners and hard-to-reach areas with precision and ease.

There’s no other electric orbital sander that matches the power and finesse of the Mirka DEOS. Some of its innovative features include its high-efficiency brushless motor with plenty of sanding power, to get your job done quickly and safely. Choose the model that best suits your needs, whether you are working on automotive surfaces or sanding walls.

At only 10 cm high, the tool’s compact and very low profile gives a high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance. The difference an optimal size electric orbital hand sander tool has on your end product must be seen.

  • Work faster

    Remove more stock with Mirka DEOS.

    Thanks to the 3mm orbit and powerful brushless motor you get 50% more effective stock removal than regular sanders. All this, while still keeping vibration levels low for comfort.

  • Sand longer with less strain

    Give your body a break with the Mirka DEOS.

    Weighing less than 1 kg makes it more than 20% lighter compared to the nearest competitor sander on the market.

  • Get closer to the surface

    Reach comfortably into the nooks and crannies with Mirka DEOS.

    At just 10 cm high. The low profile – gets you 30% closer to the surface at any angle, giving you unmatched control.

Mirka Deos Delta

Flawless from corner to corner

DEOS Delta has all the great features that Mirka sanding machines are known for, including:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Great ergonomics
  • Low weight and low profile

It’s easier to sand with it, especially when working on vertical areas.

This new sander has the largest orbital movement of all delta sanders on the market making it the perfect partner for effective and fast stock removal.

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Mirka Deos Delta Corner Sander

myMirka app

Complete control

Mirka has your health in mind when it comes to its design and a low vibration level. We are aware of the harmful vibrations generated when working with electric sanders and the toll they can have on your arms.

Mirka has developed an app to respond to the growing importance of health and safety in the workplace and specifically to help workers avoid harmful vibrations. Mirka electric sanders are well equipped with an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology to provide immediate calibration and smooth handling.

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How to connect Mirka DEROS Electric Sanders to the myMirka app

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