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Mirka Makes Sense for Schools

Our dust free systems are designed to:

Care for the health of students and staff

Dust poses a serious potential health risk to anyone exposed to it. By eliminating sanding dust, Mirka equipment is integral to creating a safer and more comfortable classroom.

Keep the workspace flexible with mobile sanding solutions

Mirka dust extractors can be used with Mirka storage systems or those from other brands, and can also be used to operate two sanders at once. Store, relocate and operate a sanding station as a single mobile unit.

Make class management easier by reducing workshop noise

Classroom environments can become disrupted by noisy machines. Mirka equipment leads the industry in quiet operation, making class management much easier during the sanding stage of projects.
Reduce the time required for sanding and cleanup

Mirka sanders and abrasives speed up students’ sanding and reduce cleanup time, dust build-up and rebreathing of dust during sweeping and cleaning.

Why we recommend Mirka’s ​Dust Free System


The Mirka vacuum can be set to be automatically activated when a sander or other attached tool is turned on, meaning it doesn’t need to be in close proximity to the user. The unit can be upgraded to house Mirka cases and cases of other brands on top of the unit, or a workstation can be added to store two sanders and all of their associated abrasives within easy reach.


All Mirka machines come with a two year warranty, extendable by another year when a tool is registered with Mirka. Mirka abrasives’ amazing dust extraction capabilities prevent them from clogging or burning, which also gives them a greatly extended life.

Time Efficient

Powerful equipment gives powerful results. Speed your students’ sanding time with efficient machines and abrasives. Two sanders can be operated off a single vacuum unit, doubling sanding capacity without doubling the budget.

Dust Free!

• Protects the health of staff and students

• Eliminates the need to vacuum or sweep dust after class

• Makes the class environment manageable, safe and enjoyable

The Best Dust Free Sanding System

Mirka’s dust free sanding system optimises every stage of the sanding process. The system incorporates three main elements. Each can also be used to improve the performance of non-Mirka systems.

Dust Extraction

The Mirka 1230L shop vacuum captures, stores and allows for the safe disposal of potential harmful wood dust and other particulates.


Mirka abrasives are optimised for quick results, excellent dust extraction and are the most durable on the market.

Sanding Machinery

Mirka sanders combine powerful motors and great ergonomics that allow students to achieve a great finish quickly and safely.Every Mirka component is fully compatible with abrasives, sanders, and vacuums from other brands.

Mirka Sanders are Game Changers

Mirka’s DEOS and DEROS sanders are perfectly suited to school workshops

The DEROS and DEOS orbital sanders are engineered to deliver the best possible ergonomics and working environment.

They are highly accessible machines with soft-start functionality, digital speed control, brushless motor, simple paddle switches and pad brakes. They feature a symmetrical design which makes them just as comfortable whether being used in the left or right hand.

All models can be operated between 5,000 and 10,000 rpm at an operating noise of 69-71db, making them a great aid in classroom noise management.

All sanders feature dozens of extraction points for industry leading dust removal, and also means they can be used with non-Mirka abrasives. Their vacuum port can also be used with other brands of dust extractor, though some hose diameters may require an adaptor.

Their light weight of 1 kg makes these powerful machines accessible to students of almost any age.

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