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Mirka's cordless sanders and polishers offer convenience and efficiency. Increase your productivity and consistency and get the same great result every time. When you have the freedom of movement, you are free to finish the job with precision and speed. The cordless tools come with an intelligent battery, quickly charging, so with two batteries, you will have no down time.

Mirka's cordless sanders - the AOS-B and AROS-B are small and lightweight, perfect for spot repairs. They can be used for up to 16 hours.
Mirka's cordless polishers - the ARP-B and AROP-B are so user friendly. You can get the job done quicker - and with less noise.
Mirka’s cordless tools are used in car factories, Tier1 manufacturers, body shops, marine restoration workshops and woodworking shops alike, by professionals dedicated to getting that elusive perfect finish.

Spot Repairs and Finessing

Spot repairs and finishing of small details have never been easier since Mirka introduced the cordless sanders, Mirka AROS-B and Mirka AOS-B. The light and ergonomic sanders improve productivity in manufacturing and collision repair. Did you know the Mirka AOS-B sander won the Red Dot Award for product design in 2017?

Now Mirka are improving the next step of the process, with the new cordless polishers Mirka AROP-B and Mirka ARP-B:

  • Easy handling

    No pneumatic hoses or electric cords

  • Ergonomic

    Sits well in your hand

  • Reliable

    Even in the most demanding applications

Experience undeniable control

  • Small Lightweight Cordless Orbital Sanders

    Do you want to move freely without getting tangled up in cords or hoses when sanding? Try worry-free sanding with Mirka’s cordless sanders.

    The small, lightweight sanders have brushless motors and feature an ergonomic design. You can move easily from spot to spot and sand for longer without getting tired. The sander delivers consistent performance up to 16 hours in spot repair use.

    The 10.8V Li-ion battery charges in 45 minutes – so with two batteries, there is no downtime.

    Mirka AOS-B has a mm orbit, whereas the Mirka AROS-B has a random mm orbit for more efficient stock removal.

  • Light & easy cordless polishers

    Experience worry-free polishing with the new cordless polishers, Mirka ARP-B and Mirka AROP-B. Light, ergonomic and versatile, these polishers will make polishing simple.

    Small, low weight, brushless motor → Great for spot repairs
    Variable speed trigger → Adjust speed while polishing
    Intelligent battery → Monitor the capacity for optimal use
    User-friendly → Excellent balance of the tool, less strain
    Ergonomic design and a low noise level → Get the job done faster

    Mirka ARP-B 300NV is a cordless rotary polisher with a brushless motor and a 77mm backing pad. The cordless random orbital polisher Mirka AROP-B 312NV has a brushless motor, a 7mm backing pad and a 12mm orbit.

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How to Connect Your Cordless Power Tool Through Bluetooth

1. Press and hold the + button while pressing the trigger button.

2. The middle LED light is flashing, to indicate that Bluetooth is active.

Pair your device

1. Press the "Add tool" button on myMirka.

2. Select the tool with which you want to connect.

3. You are now ready to start exploring myMirka features!

4. The middle LED lights up (green), to indicate that the tool is connected.

Bluetooth is automatically deactivated when the tool is disconnected from the battery or mains outlet. Check that your connected phone or tablet is also equipped with the  Bluetooth low energy technology and activated.

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Cordless Convenience with Complete Control

With variable speed on the trigger, you get optimal control of the polishing process. For a complete cordless system, combine the Mirka cordless sanders and cordless polishers.

Each cordless polisher is delivered with two 2,5Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries and a charger. (5Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries are available to buy separately.) 

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myMirka features

  • RPM range management

    Optimize and standardize a sanding process by locking and limiting sanding speed

  • Interval setting / Auto-stop function

    Set the maximum runtime regardless of how long the switch is pressed

  • Vibration measurement

    (also available for Mirka DEOS, DEROS and LEROS) Momentary vibration level indication and Daily Exposure follow-up

The smallest battery driven spot repair sander on the market

Red Dot Design Award to Mirka AOS-B Cordless Sander

Mirka AOS-B 130NV has been awarded for high-quality design in the discipline Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

The ergonomic design has been a priority and makes the sander easy to move from job to job and allows users to operate the product for a long period without fatigue while delivering good control over the sanding process. The small and ergonomic tool also provides economical and consistent performance for the duration of the sander’s battery life, which can last up to 16 hours when used for spot repair applications.

NEW! Mirka Angos Cordless Grinder

Mirka Cordless tool tips & Info

Sander Backing Pads

The AOS-B and AROS-B come with two backing pads. One is PSA (stick on) and the other is hook and loop, so you can use both types of sanding discs on the machine.

Battery Life

  • The battery pack is not fully charged when delivered, charge the batteries before you use it
  • The sander's battery life is approx. 16 hours

Charging the battery

The 10.8V Li-ion battery charges in 45 minutes – so if you intend to use it for long periods, have two batteries available, so there is no downtime.

Battery Tips

  • Never store the battery in a discharged condition, recharge it immediately after it has been discharged
  • If you store your tool for long periods of time without use, recharge the battery every month. This will prolong the battery life
  • When the trigger is released the sander will stop but continue to stay in active mode for a short time before it automatically deactivates/turns off

Battery LED Light

  • When the sander is in active mode the LED light to the right is green.
  • In active mode, the LED light to the left shows the battery status

Green: Battery charge level is 75-100%.

Flashing green: Battery charge level is 50-75%.

Flashing green/red: Battery charge level is 25-50%.

Red: Battery voltage too low, tool is not operable.

Bluetooth / MyMirka app

Note that the method for pairing Mirka's cordless tools to the myMirka app is slightly different than it is for corded tools. Please follow the directions on this page (above) to connect your cordless tool.

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