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Mirka AROS-B is a sensational sander that will save untold time and effort!

I spend hours on manually sanding the curves in the depressions I route in my charcuterie boards as there's just no other way to do it, using the AROS-B sander I can now do a full board in around 20 minutes and then have it ready to oil! I estimate it's saving me at least 3-4 hours per board.

Expensive tool but it reall works fantastic with a lot of grunt, and saves an incredible amount of time and effort! I love it so much a week later I bought the AOS-B as well!

Couldn't recommend this unique sander highly enough for fiddly awkward sanding jobs!

Fitted Mirka paper to Ozzito File

This combination worked very well for sanding flowcoat in a tight location in yacht hull.

Great variety for grits the sand papers pretty good, great for rough sanding projects, prefer the mirka abranet ace it’s worth the extra money hands down for timber, this is perfect for sanding body fillers and fibreglass/ epoxy 100%, timber not so much

Boosts your sanding game, it’s shows up everything and makes finding all those high and low spots perfectly

High quality, recommended

Mirka 77mm 50 Mixed Pack

This mixed bundle are the best buy to try different grits,and as for quality they are great long lasting not like some other brands that seem to feel worn out after a couple of minutes,i used to use mirka 30 years ago glad to be back on them

Mirka Deos 383CV Sander - 70x198mm - 3mm Orbit

Wood finishing with Mirka

I was impressed on two counts with Galaxy discs. Firstly, the finish on lacquer with 1200 grit was excellent and I only went up to 2000 see if any real difference was apparent and it was. This resulted in a minimal cut and polish to get a great result.
Secondly, these discs certainly last longer than any other product I have used.

Mirka Finessing Damper 60ml

Fantastic product

By far the best sanding pads I have used.

Outstanding product at a great price

Absolutely amazing bit of gear

For something so simple, it's amazing how well it works for knocking down runs, drops and dirt/insects etc. Well worth having in the box of tricks and how untouched it leaves the area around the defect.

Great product

Well worth having, have only played with it on some ugly house paint so far and it and the file are absolutely amazing for getting rid of defects and getting it to an easily sandable point with minimal damage, particularly the file, for such simple things they just work so amazingly well,anyone doing painting or clear coats should probably own them,will be a massive times average and easy way of quickly correcting annoying problems

Impressive abrasives

I’m impressed with the galaxy abrasive I’m not using as many as before

Too soon for review

Requesting a review just 7 days after sending out... Havent even opened the box. Im not likely to use for another month or so.

Happy customer

Love them, they hardly clog up.
Great service and prompt delivery 📦.

Best in class bandfile belts

I have used these belts to remove material from stainless, steel, aluminium, wood and even stone and they don't snap they just dull over time.

They also give nice corners due to their rigidity and remove material faster than any other brand of belt I've used.

I recommend them to anyone that asks me which brand I prefer.

Awesome product

Awesome product highly recommended

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Stephen Faulkner
Top stuff

Simply the best sandpaper around.

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Stuart Robinson
And why not, make someones Christmas special.

Brought some tickets, so my money can help others in need. If you can spare a little money, help others in need and put a smile on their face. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 ❤️

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De M
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Great promo and great opportunity to win a massive prize

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Mathew Carr

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Galaxy for boat fairing

I bought a roll of 60 gtit Galaxy for fairing a fiberglassed kayak hull, using a Mirka flexible longboard. I like the fact that the paper is perforated at about 50mm intervals, allowinthe needed length to be be torn off without scissors, and the paper cuts aggessively and cleanly. My only complaint is that the grit seems inconsistent, with some coarser particles that leave deep scratches that take a lot of sanding out.

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