How to use Mirka Dust Extractors with High Watt Tools Best Abrasives

How to use Mirka Dust Extractors with High Watt Tools

If you own a Mirka Dust Extractor, you are well aware of its efficiency and outstanding sucking power.

Mirka’s 1230 Dust Extractor’s power input limit is 1100W - this doesn’t impact your use if you are using one or even two sanders, as most Mirka sanders draw around 250 - 350 watts, well under the 1100W limit.

Mirka M Class Dust Extractor
But what happens when you want to use Mirka’s Dust Extractor with high watt tools? High watt tools like a large Drop Saw for example can be around 1600W, and cannot traditionally be used with Mirka’s Dust Extractor. When the Dust Extractor's power restriction of 1100W is surpassed, the safety switch will trip and disconnect the power to protect the Dust Extractor.

Mirka Dust Extractor and Dropsaw
The answer is to bypass the Dust Extractor power limit. We found a clever little device that does just that. Metabo’s Start/Stop Set Cordless Control is a wirelessly triggered remote that sends the power directly to the vacuum. Start/stop cordless control replaces the function of the integrated power socket for a mains-powered tool, allowing you to wirelessly control your high powered tool. This device can also be used with cordless tools that have a dust port.

Metabo Cordless Control

Watch the video to learn how to use the device with Mirka’s Dust Extractors.

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