7 ways to improve efficiency in your workshop

Working closely with many professionals from various industry backgrounds, we are often faced with workshops that are severely unorganised and unclean, and processes that are very time consuming. Have you felt that your workshop is getting a bit 'out of control'? Do you have old projects taking up space? Do you have tools and equipment cramping up the free space in your workshop? Are you tired of tripping over things and coughing from the dust in the air?

You could implement many things in your workshop to ensure higher productivity that will add much more value to your time and improve your efficiency.


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1. Say no to dust
A dusty and unclean workplace is not a safe or efficient workplace. A lot of time can be wasted cleaning up after sanders that leave behind them a trail of dust. Not to mention the hazards you place before your staff and anyone who enters your workshop.

Dust is a massive occupational hazard. The amount of dust entering the lungs or harming skin can be strongly reduced by using an advanced and efficient dust extraction system during sanding, which also lessens the risk of a work-related disease or dangerous exposure.

Health issues linked to wood dust include dermatitis, asthma, rhinitis, cancer, impaired lung function, nose irritation, violent sneezing, blocked nose, and nose bleeds. Dust can also affect the quality of your finished products, which could cause you to spend more time rectifying defects. A suitable dust extraction system could be vital to your business. Effectively sucking dust as you work, keeps your work site consistently clean, making it easier to work and saving time cleaning in the process.

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2. Organise your work stations
A sure way to disrupt workflow and efficiency is to have an unorganised workstation. Do you find it hard to find tools and supplies in your messy work area? One rule is needed here – Every item needs a home.

If all tools are stored in a labelled or designated spot, then there won’t be any time wasted searching for them. And as a rule, if all items are returned to their designated spots after use, it will stop items from being misplaced or getting lost.

Work Trolleys and Work stations can be a useful way to easily store and locate your tools.


3. Ensure your consumables are well stocked
There’s nothing worse than your job coming to a complete stop because you have run out of very important materials required to complete the job.

Things like sandpaper, or that particular polish you needed to put that all-important finishing touch on your job. This could not only inconvenience your workflow inhouse, but the workflow of your client. It’s just not acceptable.

So how can this be avoided? Be organised! Complete regular stocktakes, factor in the length of time it takes to get the resources in, create spreadsheets to manage your stock and jobs.

You will be amazed at how much more efficient you can be with a spreadsheet instead of relying on the old noggin.

 Organise your workshop

4. Promote cleanliness
Do you have some employees that just can’t seem to keep their work area tidy? This is a very important factor in workplace health and safety and efficiency.
Implementing procedures that allow time for cleaning and tidying up can be a great way to keep your workshop clean. Every worker should be responsible for his or her tools, equipment, and workstation. (You may need to offer incentives or motivation to help keep staff on track.)

5. Refine your processes
Do you find that some jobs take a lot of time to get out? It could be because there are some unnecessary steps in your process that have not been assessed for some time. Something may have changed over the years that now make certain steps obsolete. Take the time to analyse your equipment, tools, consumables, and steps in your processes to ensure the most efficient process is being used. This could save you heaps of time and money!

Best Abrasives often surprise professionals with alternative steps in their process to save them time and money. We offer obligation free demonstrations to show you just how possible it is to save time and money in your workshop.


6. Keep equipment well maintained
You are almost finished with your job when your equipment suddenly gives out – what do you do? You may not have a spare piece of equipment that is available to use. Hindsight won’t be able to get you out of trouble this time. Next time – ensure equipment is regularly checked and maintained and ensure staff report any problems before the machine conks out!

Best Abrasives only recommend Mirka tools and equipment because they are super reliable and can be easily repaired if needed. Mirka tools have a 2+1 year warranty.

7. Keep your workshop clutter-free
That job you started 7 years ago that got cancelled… it’s gathering dust, it’s an eye-sore and it’s taking up space in your workshop that could be used for other things. Getting rid of items that are of no use and that are taking up space is a must. It could solve more than just space issues – it also decreases work place hazards.

At Best Abrasives, we help many businesses all over Australia reduce time in their processes, effectively improving all round efficiency. We also provide great advice on working dust free, abrasives, tools and organisation.

We offer obligation free demonstrations to show you just how possible it is to save time and money in your workshop.

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