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The high quality, time-saving solution to spot repair - Mirka Pro Finishing Solution

The vehicle refinishing process can be time-consuming and painstaking, requiring great attention to detail. The results have to be meticulous - free of holograms and defects. Any option that saves process time while achieving high quality results is always a plus.

Mirka, a global leader in abrasive technology, has long been synonymous with innovation and quality. The Mirka Pro Finishing Solution exemplifies this ethos, boasting flawless and professional spot repair results.

Mirka's Pro Finishing Solution gives a quick and easy solution for spot repair using a few key Mirka products.

Mirka Iridium SR

1. Sanding

Mirka Iridium SR Finessing Abrasive Discs are designed for the finest finishing phases of vehicle and transport manufacture, automotive refinishing, and spot repair.
With its efficient silicon carbide grains, Iridium SR discs not only have a long life and prolonged sharpness, they also feature a slurry coating that allows for a scratch pattern that is that is easy and fast to polish out and gives an excellent quality consistency.
Paired with the low-maintenance AOS-B Cordless Sander; and used with Mirka's Finessing Damper, Iridium SR creates the perfect surface in preparation for polishing.
Iridium SR performs consistently on sanding clearcoat, top coat and lacquers as well as composites processing.

Iridium 1250 automotive polishing compound

2. One-step Polishing

During the production process, flaws and dust particles can cause time consuming defects. Achieving a consistent, hologram-free finish requires removing these flaws.

For OEM and automotive manufacturers, Mirka’s one-step polishing process that will help you to achieve the required degree of finishing quality.

Polishing is made simpler with the water-based Mirka PRO Iridium 1250 compound. Surface imperfections were previously removed in two steps: first, spot sanding was done, then scratches were removed, and a second polishing compound was needed for a glossy finish. The PRO Iridium 1250 requires a single polishing session to achieve the perfect high gloss, hologram-free finish with no defects.

The Iridium 1250 polishing compound used with a yellow waffle pad and Arop-b Cordless Polisher provides outstanding results. The Arop-b Cordless Polisher is a random orbital polisher that allows you to complete spot repair tasks conveniently, cord-free. The battery lasts for a long period of time when making spot repairs, making it a reliable tool.

Cutting down process time and costs in your body shop will help you to make an improvement in running an efficient business with high quality results - and that’s what Mirka products help you to achieve. 

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