Why you should use Mirka electric sanders over Pneumatic sanders Best Abrasives

Why you should use Mirka electric sanders over Pneumatic sanders

Deros vs. Pros

Are you in the market for a new sander? Or perhaps you are considering changing from air sanders to electric?

There are many things to consider when pondering this subject like your current set-up, what you are using the sander for, and most importantly cost of the sander and cost to run the sander.

In looking at the benefits of pneumatic sanders - there are not many that are very impactful. The system can be used in a workshop environment only if used with a compressor because of the size and weight of the compressor and is not suitable for onsite jobs. Many professionals require a light sander to be able to transport to onsite jobs with them.

Dust extraction for air / pneumatic tools are said to be on par also, however Mirka's Dust Extractors are so high performing that they work exceptionally well with Mirka abrasives and sanders, providing an impressively safe dust free environment for workers.

Air sanders have a reputation of being lighter than electric sanders, but there doesn't seem to be a huge difference. If you use as an example the PROS 150mm Sander vs. the DEROS 150mm Sander, there is a difference in weight of about 0.12g - that's hardly worth a mention. Mirka sanders in general are quite lightweight and compact anyway, and so this aspect does not make a worthy impact.

Pneumatic sanders are said to have less technical difficulties due to them not having a motor, however when using a compressor - the compressors themselves need maintenance.

If we look at the PROS vs. the DEROS, both the vibration level and the noise level are lower for the DEROS Electric 150mm Sander. This means the operator will have an easier time working with Mirka electric sanders with less disruption and less vibration causing user fatigue.


Lastly and most importantly - cost. Electric sanders price to buy are usually more than air sanders, but the over time cost to run is much lower. See the below example to see the usage cost savings you could reap by swapping to an electric Mirka sander:

Take for example the DEROS Electric 150mm Sander:

If used 4 hours/day with average energy costs of $0.51 /kWh
 (Power 0.4) x (4.0 hrs) x (KWH cost $0.51)
 =  $0.82/day
Pneumatic machine: 
If used 4 hours/day with average energy costs of $0.51 /kWh
(Power 3.6) x (4.0 hrs) x (kWh cost $0.51)
=  $7.35/day
(Compressor with a power of 3,6 kW is needed, because the pneumatic machine is using over 400 litres/min and such power is needed to generate the compressed air).
Cost evaluation after one month (about 20 days) 
$ 0.82 x 20 days = $16.40
$ 7.35 x 20 days = $147.00
Possible monthly savings: $130.60 per sander
This evaluation excludes investment and maintenance costs of compressors - further indicating electric sanders would reward more savings!


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