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Introducing Mirka Ultimax Ligno - Specially designed for woodworking

Excitement fills the air in woodworking circles as Mirka, the esteemed leader in surface finishing technology, unveils its newest offering: Ultimax Ligno Abrasives. Freshly hitting the shelves of Best Abrasives, this innovative abrasive aims to revolutionise your woodworking experience with its unparalleled performance and precision.

In the world of surface finishing, Mirka stands out with its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The introduction of Ultimax Ligno is a testament to this dedication with a focus on lowering their impact on the environment. Let’s explore how this new generation sanding product not only elevates performance but also promotes eco-friendly practices.

The design:

It’s a beautiful salmon colour, it has holes and it has... are they bowties? 
Ultimax Ligno was specially designed for hardwood and softwood and the appearance of the abrasive itself shows just how much technology was put into the design to achieve the best results.

The hourglass pattern

The unique hourglass pattern on the abrasive surface is not just for aesthetics. It’s a product of meticulous design, selected from 64 different patterns, aimed at placing abrasive grains precisely where they can perform best. This design maximizes cutting efficiency and ensures consistent results. 

Multifit hole design

One of the standout features of Ultimax Ligno is the Multifit hole pattern. This design integrates dust channels leading to extraction holes, effectively managing dust and maintaining the abrasive's cutting efficiency. 

Durable and Flexible Materials

Ultimax Ligno’s backing is made from specially developed latex-impregnated paper, enhancing both flexibility and adhesion. This innovative material controls edge wear and extends the life of the abrasive. Available in a broad range of grits from 40 to 400, Ultimax Ligno is versatile enough to handle various sanding tasks with precision and durability.

Made with less harmful chemicals

Ultimax Ligno is crafted with a strong focus on reducing harmful chemicals. By minimizing the use of these substances, Mirka ensures that the product is safer for both users and the environment. This commitment to a greener product means fewer toxins in the air and a healthier workspace.

The benefits:

Mirka's Ultimax Ligno is primarily designed for wood finishing, but it offers versatility beyond just wood substrates. The abrasive's innovative design and advanced technology make it suitable for a variety of other materials as well. Let’s breat down all the benefits of why you might want to try this new sanding abrasive.

Cuts from every angle

Each segment has four sharp corners and two angled surfaces, constantly creating additional cutting edges during sanding, allowing a more even and precise finish. 

Heat reduction

The multifit hole pattern allows air to circulate under the abrasive, helping it to reduce heat build-up during sanding, preventing the formation of clogging putty from wood dust - reducing heat build-up is extremely important when working with wood for several reasons: 
  • Heat can cause wood burn marks which can be difficult to remove
  • Heat can compromise the woods structural integrity by warping or deforming the surface
  • Excessive heat can turn wood dust into putty, the clogging can lead to an uneven surface
  • Heat accelerates wear and tear on the abrasive grains and can cause the backing material to degrade more quickly

A clean working surface

Mirka’s Multifit hole pattern consists of strategically placed dust extraction holes that align with the sanding pad's dust collection system, regardless of how the disc is positioned. This design ensures continuous dust removal from the surface, preventing dust build-up that can interfere with sanding efficiency and surface quality. The surface of Ultimax Ligno also features dust channels that lead directly to the extraction holes. These channels are designed to guide dust away from the sanding area, keeping the abrasive grains exposed and effective to maintain a clean work surface.

Eliminates dust from the air

Ultimax Ligno’s innovative dust management is not just about keeping the work surface clean. It’s also about safety. Wood dust is a significant health hazard, and Mirka’s technology significantly reduces exposure by ensuring efficient dust extraction. This makes for a cleaner, safer workspace and aligns perfectly with occupational health standards.

Collects even large dust particles

Even larger wood dust particles are handled efficiently, thanks to the different width dust channels. This adaptability makes Ultimax Ligno ideal for a variety of sanding tasks, from fine finishing to more intensive material removal.

Enhanced cutting performance

The unique hourglass design increases the sanding pressure on each abrasive grain. This pattern ensures that each grain performs optimally, providing efficient material removal and consistent results. The segments have sharp corners and angled surfaces, which continuously create new cutting edges during sanding, enhancing overall cutting performance​.

Extended abrasive lifespan

The special backing helps control edge wear and extends the abrasive’s life, allowing it to perform effectively over a longer period and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Wide grit range

Available in a broad range of grits from 40 to 400, Ultimax Ligno is versatile enough to handle various sanding tasks, from coarse material removal to fine finishing. This makes it suitable for a range of substrates, including wood, composites, and even softer metals and plastics​.


Quick abrasive changes

The Multifit hole pattern eliminates the need for precise alignment with the sanding pad, simplifying the setup process and ensuring that the abrasive always fits correctly for optimal dust extraction. The grit size is printed on the surface of the abrasive, so there is no need to remove the abrasive to see what grit you are using.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Ultimax Ligno is produced with fewer harmful chemicals, aligning with Mirka's commitment to environmental sustainability. Mirka’s energy-saving production processes reduce the overall carbon footprint and material waste. This not only benefits the environment but also enhances the sustainability of the product.​
Ultimax Ligno by Mirka is a cutting-edge abrasive solution that combines advanced technology with a focus on sustainability. Its superior cutting performance, extended lifespan, and exceptional dust and heat management make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking efficiency and quality in their sanding processes. Whether working with wood or other substrates, Ultimax Ligno provides a versatile and eco-friendly option that enhances productivity and safety.

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