How you can avoid pigtails and imperfections when sanding Best Abrasives

How you can avoid pigtails and imperfections when sanding

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Pigtails can be a real ‘stick in the mud’ for people who work with wood, metal, or other types of materials. When you are working to produce the greatest results for your project, there is nothing worse than wasting time in the sanding phase of your procedure just to run into a brick wall.

How to avoid Pigtails

What are pigtails?
Pigtails are semi-circular sanding scratch patterns that might emerge on the surface you are sanding and are brought on by a variety of different factors.

What causes pigtails?
An unskilled individual is more likely to encounter those annoying pigtails than an experienced person, but even seasoned pros can run into pigtails because there are so many potential scenarios.

Low quality sanding discs

1. Low quality sandpaper
Pigtails are most frequently caused by using sandpaper of poor quality. Pigtails and scratch marks on your surface are possible if the sandpaper you're using is prone to clogging.

2. Worn or damaged sandpaper
If the sandpaper you are using has been used too much or is damaged, it can cause pigtails.

3. Using the wrong grit
High grit abrasives can often produce pigtails because these sizes are more suited for finishing tasks. It's essential to use the right grit size for the task at hand.

MmyMirka app

4. Sander settings
Scratches can be produced when you sand at a speed that is too high and inappropriate for the material you are working with.

5. Excessive force
Pushing down too forcefully on your tool while sanding can also cause pigtails. Keeping the pressure light and consistent is key to a successful finish.

worn backing pad
6. A worn backing pad
If your backing pad is deteriorating, it can cause uneven sanding and therefore can cause an unsightly scratch pattern.

7. Dust extraction
This is one of the most important points. Using high quality abrasives with optimal dust collection properties and with a dust extraction system that is working properly will set you up for a great outcome. A dust free environment with a dust free setup will ensure the best result for your job.

dust extractor

How can I avoid producing pigtails?
Mirka’s abrasives and tools are designed to alleviate many issues that lead to imperfections in your work. The superior quality abrasives that do not clog - paired with light and efficient tools and dust extraction system, will lead you on a path of success - with no swear words or violent outbursts!
The Mirka Abranet family of abrasives are net abrasives with absolute flawless dust extraction properties and the new Galaxy is also a great option with multi-fit hole configuration for great dust extraction also. Both do not clog, are efficient and fast cutting.

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